10 Free Customer Service Training Courses

10 Free Customer Service Training Courses

1 Guest Services In Hospitality And Tourism

EdApp ‘s Guest Services in Hospitality and Tourism course was designed to guide service employees within the hospitality industry. This free course helps employees identify the meaning of excellent customer service and understand why good customer services is vital . This course is particularly helpful in teaching hospitality industry staff the face-to-face customer service skills they have to serve tourists.

This course isn’t common. It describes specific situations like greetings to guests and specific actions to be taken to form each interaction positive for the guest. This hospitality training course is very recommended because it is all about reputation within the hospitality industry.

2. Call Centre Customer Services Training

If you’re trying to find a course that gives perfect call centre training for workers who answer the phone at work, this call centre Customer Service Course is for you. This course is comprehensive and consists of 5 useful modules that teach different techniques and skills. Customer service employees in your call centre are going to be taught the way to prepare the phone, how it works while using the phone, understanding different aspects of the phone, handling difficult customers, and more. If your employees want to properly represent the corporate on the phone, please register.

3. Excellent Customer Services Training Through Communication

Also in EdApp’s “Excellent customer service through communication ” course, you’ll find out how important communication is in providing customer service. This course is linked to “Speaking with Confidence” also provided by EdApp. during this course, you’ll learn that self-confidence is one among the most important barriers to communication and find ways to precise your opinion confidently . a serious advantage of teaching employees using this course is that they improve their pronunciation and cause a far better understanding. We recommend that you simply use this course and therefore the “Speaking with Confidence” course to coach your staff to enhance communication both inside and out of doors the corporate .
4. Customer service complaint handling
EdApp’s “Complaint Response” course may be a course for customer service employees to find out the acceptable techniques to use when responding to customer complaints. What makes this course unique is that employees can recognize that complaints are good, have a big impact on the corporate , and will be treated accordingly. This course clarifies and explains how employees deal positively with negative reviews, which is one among the most reasons employees should be trained. No company is ideal , so it is a plus for workers to understand the way to turn feedback into positive results.

5. Responding To Difficult Customers Training

If you are looking for a workshop or course that teaches employees best practices when handling problematic employees and guests, then the handling difficult customers course is for you. i like to recommend it. This course teaches problem-solving skills in order that employees can quickly find and utilize the simplest ways to urge the simplest results with the proper confidence.

If you would like to take care of good service and facilitate problem solving among your customer maintenance staff , this course is simply that education. This course is extremely detailed and divided into four parts which will teach you ways to affect difficult customers, the way to affect complaints, the way to affect disasters, the way to affect drunk customers, and more.

6. Customer Services  (Short Course)

This customer service course at the Oxford course Center may be a free customer service course created by leading scholars and focuses on customer service career advancement. There are not any deadlines or deadlines for this course, so you’ll study at a time that’s convenient for your current lifestyle promise. This short course has five units that take customer service from a up to date business perspective and help customer service personnel properly assess customer needs and expectations. the problem with this short course is its length. This course are often wont to teach customer service training employees how relationships can benefit their business.

7. Outstanding Customer Services Training – Your Ultimate Guide

This course is branded as a guide to outstanding customer service, is CPD certified and is mobile compatible. This course aims to show employees the talents needed to supply excellent customer service. What makes this course unique is its certification options and certification. The important thing this course teaches is that “companies can eliminate the loss of bad customer service.” Unfortunately, this course isn’t editable and can’t be tailored to your company’s needs. This customer service will help your company because it helps to urge obviate bad customer service habits.


8. Brentwood Customer Services Training Course

This Brentwood short customer service course is an entry-level course of roughly 20 hours. This workshop is extremely basic and can teach you the fundamentals of excellent customer service. This customer service training course focuses on six topics, including the definition of customer service and therefore the importance of developing strong relationships with customers. This course is particularly useful for analyzing employee feedback and teaching them the way to answer it. This course is so basic that it’s going to not be enough as a stand-alone customer service course for workers .

9. Customer Services Diploma

This free customer service diploma course teaches customer service members the customer service skills which will help them turn a one-off customer into a lifelong customer. The diploma opportunity from the course are going to be one among the foremost unique on our list. Another good thing is that this course brings mobile friendliness and allows your employees to find out on the go. Unfortunately, this course is 6-10 hours long, so it’s going to take a while for busy employees to finish it.

10. Customer services Training level 2

This is also a web self-paced customer service training course that teaches frontline employees the way to improve their communication skills and supply excellent customer service. This workshop allows you to require exams and certifications for your employees.

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