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Why do you need a customer service certification?

A customer service certification gives employers confidence that the customer service rep or manager has a higher-than-average ability to do the job. A certification from a reputable organization demonstrates competency in customer service that a non-certified rep wouldn’t be expected to deliver.

Certifications aren’t necessarily a one-time commitment. They usually require ongoing training for professionals to stay up to date with the latest best practices in their field. Having a customer service certification shows teammates and leaders that a service rep is committed to their work and on par with top talent in the customer service field.

Aside from the professional competence associated with certifications, many employers and hiring managers place monetary value on them as well. If you’re looking for a raise at your current place of work, or seeking new opportunities, certifications can be a tool that you can leverage to negotiate pay, benefits, and higher responsibilities.



These certifications may sound similar, but each comes with qualifications that are must-haves in the customer service industry. Depending on your focus, you’ll find a certification for just about any area in which you’re looking to advance your skill set

1. Customer Service Certification

If you’re a newly-hired customer service rep or an experienced one, you’ll find a real-world environment to hone your skills in a customer service certification. Whether you obtain this certification online or in-person, most will offer an instructor-led class that’s tailored to your organization’s specific goals. This certification helps you become a better problem solver and communicator through role-playing exercises and group discussions about concepts you’ll rely on to serve customers.

2. Help Desk Certification

When choosing a help desk software you should prioritize options offered by your help desk software provider. These tactical certifications get an immediate return on investment because they teach service leaders how to manage incoming customer inquiries using their company’s support software.

If you’re taking a few hours a week from your day-to-day tasks to earn this certification (and better yet — if that certification costs money) you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned fairly quickly and spread that knowledge among your team.

Once you’ve demonstrated competency with your help desk software you can take on more advanced certifications like CSR which explains the strategy behind using customer service tools to enhance soft skills in communication.

3. Call Center Certification

Many customer support reps begin their service career by working in a call center, but did you know you could earn a certification for this type of role?

A call center certification validates the technical, communication, and service skills of customer support reps working in an inbound or outbound call center. To earn this certification, you’ll establish a baseline assessment of your skillset, improve your performance, and substantiate your skills with an assessment. Companies like Microsoft use this certification to manage call center metrics, implement best practices, and increase performance within their teams.

4. Client Services Certification

Ideal for entry-level professionals, the client service specialist certification (CCSS) provides a foundational understanding of the customer service industry. To earn this certification, reps will need to demonstrate the right blend of knowledge and skills in both customer service and sales functions. This type of certification will mold them into well-rounded key players on any customer service team.


5. Client Service Manager Certification

The client service manager certification is offered from a leadership point of view. If you’re currently a customer service rep, you can forge a path to a leadership position with this certification. It certifies your skills in applying best practices for customer service, sales, coaching, and leading.


6. Customer Experience Certification

The customer experience transcends any one function and is often the responsibility of every team, but customer service reps champion that experience by becoming certified customer experience professionals. When a company can craft processes and responses that make the customer feel valued, seen, and appreciated, the entire business benefits. With this certification, you can help lead a key function within your organization.


7. Customer Service Leadership Certification

For customer service reps working toward a senior leadership position, a customer Service mManager certification is a worthwhile investment. You’ll learn strategy, technical skills, and practical ways to apply your knowledge of customer service with confidence. This type of certification can be used to leverage a promotion, transition into a new role, or boost your resume if you’re considering a career.

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